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Thank you for Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26.06.2011
Flying Down Rocks and Having Rocks Flying At You 19.06.2011
It's getting cold up here, so put on all your clothes! 16.06.2011
You shall not defeat me Puyehue Volcano! 11.06.2011
Scuba diving with Sea Lions, Seals, Whales and Penguins 06.06.2011
From BA to a little place called Uruguay 03.06.2011
I think I´ve fallen in love with Argentina 29.05.2011
Let´s Do It Gaucho Style 22.05.2011
Tango Time 16.05.2011
Falling Water and Falling into Water 10.05.2011
Lone Traveller No More 05.05.2011
Moving on 27.04.2011
The Sights of Rio 21.04.2011
Rio Time and Language Challenges 17.04.2011
Rules of Blog / Packing 13.04.2011